NeoAir Air Purifiers

In this section you can learn why the Neoair Enviro 68108 is considered by most the overall best value and how it compares with the following leading air purifiers products.

Enviro 68108
Austin Air Healthmate
Blueair 402
Sharper Image
Ionic Breeze GP
Oreck XL Pro
HEPA Filtration
OFS Deactivation of molds and fungi (certified)
OFS Antimicrobial and Bacteria protection (certified)
Continuous Air Quality Monitoring
Filter Replacement Indicator Filterless
Power Consumption 39 Watt Max 80 Watt Max 80 Watt Max 9 Watt 70 Watt Max
Remove common household odors
Activated Carbon
Timer Program Settings
Wireless Remote
Zero Ozone Emission @ 0.01PPM or Less Information not available Information not available
Negative Ions
Published Independent Efficiency tests on Bacteria and Molds
Unit Weight 11lbs 18 Lbs 34 Lbs 10.5 lbs 9.5 Lbs
Sound Level Ultra Quiet Max 26db Max 64 db Max 58db Noiseless Information not available
Unit Suggested Price $199.00
$398.95 $549.95 $369.95

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